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Oasis at Encircle night of service, food, and friends

Encircle house has invited Oasis to a get-together with their community on Friday the 27th. Please join us for a quick bit of service cleaning the house, then some food and socializing.

These are two great groups that need to get together, learn about each other, and explore their common interests.

We will provide free pizza and desert.

About Oasis ( )

Our goal is to build community for the good of humanity. We are a secular community in the heart of Utah County. We meet monthly for Sunday gatherings to discuss interesting topics and to learn from each other.

Our 5 core values are:
People are more important than beliefs
Reality is known through reason
Meaning comes from making a difference
Human hands solve human problems
Be accepting and be accepted

About Encircle ( )

Encircle seeks to deepen and enrich the conversation among communities of faith and LGBTQ+ people. By teaching individuals to love themselves and empowering families, Encircle helps cultivate an environment where LGBTQ+ individuals can thrive. Our programs and services meet people wherever they are in their lives with cultural competency and sensitivity, using community partnerships, best practices, and innovative techniques.